Anders Ray Cradle III (born 1986), the son of late billionaire inventor-industrialist Ray Cradle, inherited his father's money and holdings but none of his father's brilliance. Acutely aware of the unfair advantages life has given him, distant and aloof from a father who never hid his scorn for him, unsure of how to interact in social situations, and seemingly cut off from all emotions save self-loathing, he is unsure of what (if anything) he is to do in this life, but is currently serving as CEO of Cradle Industries, thanks in most part to a sentimental board of directors.

First learning that his father was the Green Knight during the old man's dying weeks, Anders blames Martin Rock in some part for "stealing" his father. When he learned that Ray had left everything to Martin in his will, Anders blackmailed Martin into renouncing it by threatening to reveal his secret identity to the underworld. Their relationship has since become slightly more cordial--as cordial as it can ever be with Anders-- thanks in large part to the times Martin has had to rescue Anders from various supervillains who have targeted him because of his wealth, such as Melvin Tightly and Hobbyhorse.

One of these would-be assassins, the "second" Balloonist, was shot and killed by Anders in self-defense. He was cleared of all charges, but has become increasingly paranoid about the threats on his life-- threats that, like the riches that prompt them, he did not ask for.

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