Alex Tyson
, best known as the Crooked Man, is a monstrously deformed super-criminal who was defeated twice by Martin Rock in his civilian identity.


The Crooked Man's body is made of bizzare, jagged angles-- similar, in some respects, to depictions of his nursery rhyme namesake. His arms especially resemble fleshy accordians, giving him a reach in excess of fifteen feet. Even one of his eyeballs in crooked.

Any time the Crooked Man is met by any kind of forecible impact or blow, including bullets, they do not pierce the skin but rather create another "fold" or "bend" in his body.


Tyson had been a chemist in the employ of Samson Snapp, tasked with designing especially addictive drugs. Once he had witnessed the human toll of his actions, he designed the drug that inflicted his horrible, painful deformity as a kind of penance. Then, obsessed with some twisted personal mixture of vengeance, justice, and redemption, he began murdering Snapp's drug dealers.

While pursuing one of these dealers, Derek Mason, the Crooked Man was met by the second Green Knight. The Crooked Man easily bested the costumed adventurer in combat.

Some time later, Tyson attacked Pam Bierce, a bailsbondwoman who frequently did business with Snapp. Pam was rescued by the timely intervention of Martin Rock, who defeated the Crooked Man.

Tyson was charged with several counts of murder and remanded to custody to Earbox to await trial. Martin Rock was also remanded to Earbox the following year; the supercriminal Whistler, conspiring to be rid of Rock, released the Crooked Man from his high-security cell. Rock again defeated Tyson, who remains in Earbox.


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