Docrates, the Mighty Supragato (born 2006), also known as Doc and "the most powerful being in the universe" is a domesticated housecat, affiliated with the Mammal Militia, currently the pet to Julie Ann Justice and the Human Zeppelin, with a wide array of awe-inspiring powers, including total invulnerability, flight, the ability to move through space with oxygen, heat and x-ray vision powers, super-sonic meows, and the ability to cough up hairballs made up indestructable fibers. Widely regarded as one of the most fearsome four-colours in existence, heroes and villains with an extremely high power level are said to be "Doc-Class".

He apparently has a strong aversion to bodies of water.


Yes, Tom Russell has a cat named Doc. Look how cute! Do you see that little white spot on his back? That spot is made specifically for scratching, yes it is, who's a good boy.