Julie Ann Justice (born 1978) is an active member of the Seven Wonders best known-- much to her chagrin-- as the wife of Max Lang, the Human Zeppelin. Practical and efficient, she had no qualms about being the breadwinner and dominant partner before her husband got his (to her mind) utterly useless powers; she's far less comfortable with the reversal in their relationship dynamic that now sees her, the serious superhero, pushed aside in favour of a joke. And then, of course, the punchline is, she's married to the joke.

Julie Ann is super-strong, nigh-invulnerable, and able to fly at will. She often goes adventuring with their cat, Docrates, the so-called most powerful being in the universe, and is able to hold her own.

It is unclear if Justice is a professional name or her actual last name.

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