Anders Ray Cradle II (1943-December 25, 2005), known more commonly as Ray Cradle, was a reknowned inventor, reclusive billionaire, titan of industry, and, in the guise of the Green Knight, the sworn protector of Jolt City from 1969 until his death from cancer in 2005. He was predeceased by his wife, Reanna, and survived by his son, Anders the third, both of which he had been distant from; his work was his life, and they all paid the consequences.

Shortly after his career began, Cradle's Green Knight fought alongside his kid sidekick, Martin Rock, the Acrobat. Their partnership lasted over twenty years but not without strain: Cradle's love of gadgetry and the accoutrements of four-colour adventuring (for example, they spent considerable time memorizing one-liners), and his unwillingness to give up the mantle as time began to pass him by, led to their eventual falling out. It would never be fully repaired, though Martin took care of Ray in his illness and was eventually given his mentor's mantle.